18 Jul

Web Design Even a Child Could Follow

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Learning web design is a great skill to have with the ever-growing popularity of the Internet and social media. Understanding web design and programming even for a child today is becoming easier and easier with the advent of online tutorials and video guides. There are plenty of ways children can learn to understand and properly implement web design today. Children learning web design can be done right from home without the requirements of attending formal classes.

Use Blogs

Browse blogs (more…)

20 May

A What? Web Design for Newbies

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Creating a website is not something that just comes naturally to all people. There are certainly some who haven’t the faintest idea as to what they are supposed to do in order to make their website work for customers. For those individuals, it is important to try to gain an understanding of what is happening so that they may get more website traffic.

A website needs to be designed in such a way that it draws people in. This means keeping things that do not (more…)

21 Mar

Learning to Design a Creative Web Page

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Your webpage design is the first thing people are going to notice when they visit your site. If you run a blog or own an Internet-based business, having an unprofessional web design can truly hurt you in the long run. Many people will not visit a page that has a confusing or unprofessional design. Learning to design your own web page in a creative manner can actually be quite easy. There are many software programs available that can help with a variety (more…)

17 Apr

Web Design Starts With a Reliable Network

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Lots of people spend the time trying to come up with some kind of fancy design scheme or theme for their site to make it stand out from the rest. Some people like to load up their site with lots of graphics and images while some think that sound effects and other kinds of audio files are the way to go to create a truly immersive experience. Even now with Flash and other animation tools saturating the market, there is no limit to the different elements of design people can use to make their sites really shine. Unfortunately, few people take the time to consider how they will support such an intensive multifaceted online experience or how others will perceive it.

Bay Area internet can help, but you can really find reliable XO T1 internet almost anywhere in the country if you know where to look. Services like these offer a robust and reliable network infrastructure capable of supporting such involved websites and you don’t have to worry about crashing your entire network every time you try to launch the site. Plus, reliable xo services also make it easier to use your site for other internet purposes – online correspondence, marketing and distribution, etc. So the next time you design a site, remember to start from the very beginning by making sure you have a network that can handle it.

02 Oct

Web Design for Neo-Techs–Help is Available

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If you are using web design tools to help design your site, and the software you purchased or online tools you are using are giving you a hard time, making sure to get the tech support you need, in order to trouble shoot these tools, is essential so that you can develop the best site. So, no matter what tools you purchase, or online sites you decide to use for the web design of your own site, you have to make sure that it offers 24 7 (more…)

29 Sep

Novice Web Page Design–With Free Professional Help

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If you have never built a web page before and don’t have a big development budget, there are ways to build a professional-looking site for little to no cost. There are a lot of amazing resources available on the Internet that can help you to get a solid start, regardless of how much HTML or graphic design experience you have.

One way to accomplish this is to use a free or low-cost template. Most templates come with free and easy-to-use instructions that will help you customize it to your tastes or needs.I found some more information here. You start with a basic design, color (more…)

26 Sep

The Five Most Popular Do-It-Yourself Web Design

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It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a background in web design. Today there are many programs and opportunities available to help anyone build a do-it-yourself website in no time.

Whether you use it as a “true” blog or just utilize the program as a content management system to structure your website, most blogs give you the option to use free or purchased themes to help you add a design to your website.

Plug-ins and Widgets
Many web-based control panels used for blogs or basic websites will allow you (more…)

25 Sep

7 Steps Needed to Design a Web Page

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1 – Theme
You must first pick your theme or focus of your site, as it will affect the design you choose and the type of site you build.

2 – Type
A website can either be a standard HTML-based network of individual web pages or a content management system (CMS) run structure.

3 – Content
You can fill a website with a number of things depending on the theme you choose: photos, articles, news items, news links, videos , products, reviews, etc.

4 – Create
The next step is to create a logo, (more…)